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Foolad24 Terms & Conditions

Foolad24 Terms & Conditions


Foolad24 Terms & Conditions

General Terms

  • It is considered that every users have read Foolad24 terms & conditions before sign up. It is also worth mentioning that items in this page may change and all users are responsible to follow any changes.
  • Every users accept that Foolad24 can use SMS or Email to contact them. They can ask not to receive these messages but any problem in getting service is up to them.

Account & Membership

  • Sign up in Foolad24 is free of charge for everyone.
  • Each user should complete their information correctly in sign up process. If they give wrong information, Foolad24 can follow it legally.
  • Every users should revise any changes in their information by using Edit profile section.
  • Only user’s contact information is not secret and private and accessing to information about user’s operation requires letter from the court.
  • Each person can only own one account in Foolad24 and we are allowed to disable any duplicate user accounts.
  • If we recognize one user harmful for Foolad24 or other users, we are allowed to disable their user account.
  • All users should sing up in Foolad24 only by using their own mobile number and they can not use another person’s mobile number. In such cases, we will disable user account.
  • Each user is responsible to keep their username and password and it is not allowed to give these information to another person.
  • For legal users, the managing director is responsible for company’s activities in Foolad24.

Legal responsibilities

  • Every user accept using Foolad24 only compatible with IRI laws.
  • In the case of any activity that damages Foolad24 brand, we can disable the user account..
  • Foolad24 is not responsible about the truth of products & services and their delivery time and terms offered by sellers.
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