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does Foolad24 remove dealers from the market?

I am a dealer and buy products from bourse and wholesalers and sell to consumers and warehouses in our city. I won't register in Foolad24 because this website removes dealers like me from the market.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with this person?

Foolad24 won't remove dealers because:


it is the nature of market that big manufacturers prefer to sell their products through bourse or in whole packages and consumers don't refer to big manufacturers for buying small packages of products and it is more cost effective to buy form local dealers. Therefore, there is no tool which can remove dealers from the market.


The stability of business is based on credit and giving good service. Internet and ICT helps people to make benefit without having huge amount of physical assets. There are many websites and social media in the field of Iron & Steel who are virtual dealers of this kind of products.

Foolad24 not only doesn't remove any dealer but also helps local dealers to achieve much credit by introducing themselves to the market. The amount of physical assets is not important for Foolad24 members. Instead, the following items are important:

  1. Introduce yourself correctly
  2. Having continuous and purposeful activity
  3. Build effective relationship with your customers

And increase your income. In fact, Foolad24 simplify accessing to the market for all people and even helps small businesses to work together with big ones.

I show my products in prominent advertising websites, why should I register in Foolad24?

In Reply to this question, you can find the following items:


Foolad24 is not an advertising website, it connects suppliers and buyers. There are various processes to introduce products and sell & buy them and it is so different from advertising websites.


Foolad24 specifically has focused on Iron & Steel products but advertising websites don't focus on specific product.


Each Foolad24 member has an own dashboard in which they can manage their products, auctions and RFQs and they can introduce themselves better to the market by completing profile information like contact details, biography, etc.


You can edit your product's information whenever you want in Foolad24 and even, determine if it is available in your stock or not bu you can not edit your advertisement by free and simple in most advertising websites.


Creating auction in Foolad24 makes competition between buyers but there is no competition in other websties.


Members can create RFQ in Foolad24 to receive many price quotes from suppliers and choose the best one to buy their needed product.

I have my own website, why should I register in Foolad24?

Many people say we have our own website to introduce and sell our products, then there is no reason to register in Foolad24. In reply to them we mention that:

Different websites presents different services. For example:

  • Your website has been designed for introducing your products and it is impossible to buy your products online. In this case, registering in a website with online shopping service helps you to sell your products much more.
  • It is only possible to check the specifications of your products in your own website without any comparison with other suppliers. Registering in Foolad24 helps your customers to compare your products with products from other suppliers.

Therefore, it is wise reasonable to register in Foolad24 because its services are so different from other websites.


Due to various reasons different websites has different rank in search engines and finding some websites is so easier for visitors. Foolad24 has taken high rank in search engines by using various techniques and visitors can find it fast and easy.


Foolad24 attracts many customer's purposefully by using online advertisement and other advertising methods like seminars to visit this website and you can introduce your products to these potential customers.


In addition to introducing your products you can create auction or RFQ and buy or sell products with desired price. suppliers show their products in auctions and buyers can compete for buying this product. Buyers can create RFQ and many suppliers will quote their price and the buyer can choose the best supplier to buy.


In addition to mentioned services, you can find the latest news and articles from Iron & Steel market which help you to gather comprehensive information and decrease the risk of your business.

So we suggest you to register in Foolad24 and take advantage of it.

Who can use this website?

All people whose business is in the field of Iron & Steel (including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, storekeepers and different service providers can register in Foolad24 and improve their business by sing this website.

Which days and hours does Foolad24 work?

Foolad24 is reachable every days (even holidays) and every hours for visitors.

What is Foolad24 responsibility about users' interactions in this website?

Foolad24 is only a place to build relationship between sellers and buyers and is not responsible about their information and their activities.

Is it possible to check the list of Foolad24 members?

Yes, you can click on "View All" link in "Latest Members" section in main page and check the list of all Foolad24 members.

How can I find detailed information of members?

You can click on each member's name and see their profile.

How can I transfer my comments, ideas and suggestions to Foolad24 management?

You can send your questions, ideas, comments and suggestions by visiting contact us page.

What does Auction mean in Foolad24?

Auction means that a user puts a product for sales so that many buyers offer their buying price and seller can sell the product with the highest price.

Can everyone quote price for auctions?

Everyone who registered in foolad4 and logged in it can offer price for auctions and there is no difference between natural and legal users.

What does RFQ mean in Foolad24?

RFQ means that a buyer asks suppliers about the price of one or more products and any suppliers can quote their prices to the buyer in private.

Who can create RFQ?

Everyone who registered in foolad24 and logged in it can create RFQ.

Who can quote price for RFQ?

Everyone who registered in foolad24 and logged in it can quote price for RFQ and there is no difference between natural and legal users.

How can I register in Foolad24?

You can click on "Register" link in main menu and go to register page and fill in the form. First of all, choose your country, then fill in your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code" button and write down the code which was sent to your mobile via SMS. After completing other fields of the form click on "Create New Account" button and set your password in next page.

Is it needed to pay for registering in Foolad24?

No, everyone including natural & legal users can register in Foolad24 by free.

What should I do if I forget my password?

Click on "Forgot my password" in login page. choose your country, then fill in your mobile number and click on "Send Verification Code" button and write down the code which was sent to your mobile via SMS. By clicking on "submit" button you can set your password in next page.

What is the advantage of completing my profile?

When your profile information like address, phone number, biography and other items is complete, other members will connect to you with better view.

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by clicking on "edit" link in My Foolad page.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password by clicking on "edit" link in My Foolad page.

When will an account be disabled?

  1. Giving wrong information by user
  2. Creating more than one account for one person
  3. Giving right to another person for using the account
  4. Be harmful or threatening for other users
  5. Not giving needed complementary information or documents
  6. Try to access to website contents irregularly
  7. Attempt to damage Foolad24 trademark
  8. Judge comment

How can I introduce my products in Foolad24?

You can enter to "My Product" page and use "Create new product" free of charge.

What are the benefits of creating auction in Foolad24?

You can find the highest price without any stress by creating an auction in Foolad24 instead of calling many customers to sell your product.

How can I create an auction?

You can click on "Create New Auction" button in "My Auctions" page and put our product for sale.

What is the benefit of Foolad24 for a buyer?

Nowadays buyers waste much time to find their needed product and probably they can not know many suppliers. But you can find any product and their suppliers only by one click in Foolad24 and buy it by wasting the lowest time and money.

How can I find products in Foolad24?

You can click on "Product" link in main menu on top of every pages in Foolad24 and check all introduced products by suppliers.

Is it possible to check other quotations for an auction?

Yes, you can find the latest quoted price for an auction in send quotation page.

How can I send my RFQ to specific supplier in Foolad24?

If this person is a member of Foolad24 you can add them to "favorite suppliers" during creating RFQ and they will receive this RFQ in invited RFQ section in "My RFQ" page.

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